"A great piece of detective work and research put together."

                                         - Salman Rashid, The Herald

". . . that rare thing: a solid and original piece of research that also happens to be a 'good read'."

                                        - Sophie Gordon, History of Photography

"An extraordinary photo-document . . . ."

                                        - Gayatri Sinha, The Hindu

"One of my favorite photo books of recent years . . . ."

                                        - Alex Novak, E-Photo Newsletter

"This is a truly invaluable and exceptional book, filled with superb photographs and fascinating historical insights into international conflicts brewing on the same terrain today."

                                        - Muneeza Shamsie, DAWN

". . . this book is a treasure, warmly fascinating, valuable to . . . every reader who values the complicated and elaborate relationship between image, time and place."

                                        - Graham Shaw, The Art Book

"This is a monumental body of work. It is acute, lively, and impressive. John Burke is and was the pre-eminent photographer of the North West Frontier and Afghanistan. Extraordinary!"

                                        - Clark Worswick, author of The Last Empire

"An impressive work of scholarship that brings to life not only a curious - and now very topical - chapter of Britain's imperial adventure in Afghanistan but also a neglected pioneer of war photography."

                                        - Charles Allen, author of Raj