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As recent events draw attention to the people and landscapes of Afghanistan and Pakistan, images of these war torn countries are becoming increasingly familiar. The harsh beauty of the region has been luring photographers since the Victorian age, the most famous of whom were John Burke and William Baker. Their photographs of the Great Game - a phrase coined by Rudyard Kipling for the power struggles of British and Russian imperialism - were an inspiration to the writer and remain some of the most poignant images of the British Empire.
Jellalabad, the main street shewing covered Bazaar
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The Great Mosque of Aurangzebe and adjoining Gates
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From Kashmir to Kabul is the first book to piece together the remarkable careers of Burke and Baker. No photographers of the Raj era witnessed more wars, discoveries, news events and human diversity than did these two Irishmen. Few encountered more adverse conditions, hauling heavy equipment and glass plates over steep mountain ranges, and mixing chemicals at dangerously high altitudes, than Burke and Baker. Based on decades of research, this book chronicles their early days in Peshawar and their move to the Murree, the Himalayan hill station on the border of Kashmir.
It follows their documenting of the Afghan Wars (1878-1880), some of the earliest war photography, and their return to the plains of Lahore, where they continued to photograph the region's people and landscape. Burke and Baker's story is also the story of photography itself, a medium that was evolving at a dizzying pace - as quickly as the world they sought to capture was changing.

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208 pgs., 121 4-color illustrations. Hardcover.
11 x 9 ins/28 x 23 cm. ISBN 3-7913-2786-0 October 2002

Warriors against a Hillside
The J. Paul Getty Museum
Preface by F.S. Aijazuddin
Chapter 1Peshawar and the North West Frontier
Chapter 2The Move to Murree
Chapter 3Kashmir: The Quest for Gold Medals
Chapter 4The Baker & Burke 1872 Catalogue
Chapter 5The Second Afghan War 1878-1880
Chapter 6John Burke, Photo Artist
Chapter 7Lahore: Witness to Empire
End Notes
List of Plates
Omar Khan is creator of the award-winning website, a gateway to South Asian history. He grew up in Austria and Pakistan, where he later worked for UNICEF and produced a series of educational videos for Pakistan's Parliament. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College, Columbia and Stanford universities, and has been researching Raj photography for over a decade. His article John Burke, Photo-Artist of the Raj appeared in History of Photography in Autumn 1997. He will soon publish an online database of nearly one thousand photographers active in the subcontinent from 1845 until 1947. He lives in San Francisco where he runs an Internet services firm, ISL Consulting.