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"A great piece of detective work and research put together."

Salman Rashid, The Herald
". . . that rare thing: a solid and original piece of research that also happens to be a 'good read'."

Sophie Gordon, History of Photography
"An extraordinary photo-document . . . ."

Gayatri Sinha, The Hindu
"This is a truly invaluable and exceptional book, filled with superb photographs and fascinating historical insights into international conflicts brewing on the same terrain today."

Muneeza Shamsie, DAWN
". . . one of my favorite photo books of recent years . . . ."

Alex Novak, E-Photo Newsletter
"This is a monumental body of work. It is acute, lively, and impressive. John Burke is and was the pre-eminent photographer of the North West Frontier and Afghanistan. Extraordinary!"

Clark Worswick, author of The Last Empire : Photography in British India, 1855-1911
"An impressive work of scholarship that brings to life not only a curious - and now very topical - chapter of Britain's imperial adventure in Afghanistan but also a neglected pioneer of war photography."

Charles Allen, author of Raj and Soldier Sahibs
"An invaluable book to possess."

Binoo K. John, Hindustan Times
"The book is a collection of some truly great photographs but its real achievement is the painstaking effort Khan has put in, in not only tracking down the photographs from different sources the world over, but also for providing a superbly informative text."

Pankaj Butalia, Biblio
"This is much too important a work to merely adorn the coffee table."

The Telegraph, Calcutta
". . . a beautifully researched and well-laid out book which transports us into another era."

Amna Rizwan Ali, The Friday Times
"He uses the medium of photography to tell a tale."

Mavendra Singh, India Today
"This is a work of exquisite scholarship, connoiseurship and taste."

Biran Spooner, Pakistan Studies News